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....And are not all things knotted together so tightly that this moment draws after it all things that are to come? Thus— —itself as well? (Z: III.2.2)

Our Mission

To create an intellectual and artistic community whereby individuals of Geist and vision may come together and explore Nietzsche's philosophy, developing ways in which it can explode like a dancing star and be transfigured. It is our purpose to invoke and embrace the notion of gaya scienza, carrying the Dionysian spirit into contemporary society to enact necessary transformations, and, in whatever manner possible, transform culture.

Call for Submissions

The Agonist: A Nietzsche Circle Journal is seeking submissions. To submit work for The Agonist, please follow the Contributor's Guidelines for this site, and also read our Submission Policy.
The Agonist is refereed peer review journal. If there is a book you wish to review, send us full details on the book (link to publisher’s page on the book, etc.) and one sample of a published book review you have written. Any work received that does not follow the appropriate guidelines will not be read. If you have any questions with regard to our guidelines or submission policy, contact us.

The Agonist

The Agonist is a peer review refereed journal that features essays, interviews, and reviews as well as current translations of heretofore unavailable Nietzsche texts and rare, obscure, or overlooked studies on Nietzsche's thought or aspects of it that have received scant attention or been deemed marginal by the philosophical establishment. The Agonist also publishes reviews of works not directly concerned with Nietzsche that it considers relevant or of particular importance to its overall aesthetico-philosophic concerns.


In the Nietzsche section, you will find biographical info on Nietzsche; Nietzsche's Library, an extensive document that traces not only the books which Nietzsche read throughout his life, but also lectures he attended as well as professorial work he was engaged in, the music he listened to and composed, and, finally, denotes when and where he wrote his philosophical works. Its primary concern though is with the books Nietzsche was reading; the most abundant references are to those books; Works of Nietzsche, a bibliography of all of Nietzsche's published and unpublished works, and Works on Nietzsche, a bibliography of studies on Nietzsche's philosophy listed by category.

Recent Book Reviews

  • Agon in Nietzsche

    By Yunus Tuncel

    Reviewed by Vishwa Adluri

  • Ambiguity and the Absolute: Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty on the Question of Truth

    By Frank Chouraqui

    Reviewed by Nicholas Birns

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